We were founded in 2010 by John Greig and John Proust under the name East Coast Energy Ventures Ltd., and today – although renamed - the New Zealand Energy Corporation has not lost sight of its original goal: to participate directly in New Zealand’s burgeoning oil and gas sector. The past six years have seen that direct involvement mould our company into one with deep technical knowledge of its resources, as well as a reliable partner for entities and iwi such as Origin Energy, the Taranaki Regional Council, Greymouth Petroleum, and Ngati Ruanui.


A groundbreaking agreement between NZEC and Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust was reached in 2012, and remains as strong as ever today. In exchange for cultural advice and support, the South Taranaki iwi Ngati Ruanui have been offered employment and education opportunities in addition to full transparency about our activities on their land.


Our property portfolio covers significant prospects in the Taranaki Basin, which is where 100% of Aotearoa [FIND MACRON] New Zealand oil and natural gas production has occurred. Our staff is made up of both local and global experts, all of whom have experience exploring and developing fields in New Zealand as well as internationally. All our staff embrace change, enjoy challenges, and encourage a culture of questioning – this is how we remain the most innovative and reliable oil and gas producers in New Zealand.


NZEC is a nimble, niche company – the only one in New Zealand with an explicit focus on technical and commercial expertise. In only a few short years we have seen our reserves and share prices climb quickly, and our people become some of the most sought-after experts in the industry.

Currently we’re focussed on increasing our production and cash flow through low-risk opportunities. Once we’ve built up a large amount of working capital, we can then look to higher-impact operations. We’re confident that at each stage our prowess will be proven through both material production and increased share prices.


NZEC is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol NZ, and on the OTCQX International under the symbol NZERF.


NZEC has substantial acreage and good production infrastructure in New Zealand's only producing sedimentary basin, the Taranaki Basin.   With local knowledge, global scope, and relentlessly curious minds our people are our most valuable asset.   We’re operationally strong, and currently focussed near-term on development efforts. We are the most innovative and plan to be the most profitable per unit onshore operator in New Zealand.  

We’ve successfully raised capital to fund growth, and have used this to gain control of significant land and processing facilities in central Taranaki. We’re on the lookout for more appropriate growth projects.