We were founded in 2010 as East Coast Energy Ventures Ltd, and soon after renamed to New Zealand Energy Corporation. The company’s goal is to participate directly as Operator in New Zealand’s onshore oil and gas sector. The subsequent decade has seen the company evolve from an exploration dominated portfolio to a portfolio dominated by production and facility operations and ongoing brown-field optimisation and development, and near field appraisal. The company developed experienced and collaborative business partners including the Taranaki Regional Council, Greymouth Petroleum, Bonus Well Services,  First Gas, OMV New Zealand, and New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.


Our property portfolio covers producing fields, undeveloped discoveries, attractive exploration prospects for both gas and oil and a well situated depleted gas field suitable for gas storage and UCS, all in the Taranaki Basin.


Our staff is made up of both local and global experts, all of whom have experience exploring and developing fields in New Zealand as well as internationally. Our staff embrace change, enjoy challenges, and encourage a culture of questioning – this is how we remain one of the most innovative and reliable oil and gas producers in New Zealand.


NZEC is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol NZ.”


NZEC has substantial acreage and good production infrastructure in New Zealand's only producing sedimentary basin, the Taranaki Basin.   With local knowledge, global scope, and relentlessly curious minds our people are our most valuable asset.   We’re operationally strong, and currently focussed near-term on development efforts. We are the most innovative and plan to be the most profitable per unit onshore operator in New Zealand.  

We’ve successfully raised capital to fund growth, and have used this to gain control of significant land and processing facilities in central Taranaki. We’re on the lookout for more appropriate growth projects.